Xinhua News Agency reported: Finnish normal education contributed to the success in basic education

Finnish Basic Education

Source: Xinhua News Agency

According to the report by Xinhua News Agency in Tampere, Finland on April 17, 2016 (correspondents: Li Jizhi & Zhang Xuan), at the Future Education Forum Tampere 2016, the prestigious educational scholars stressed that the Finnish normal education was the key factor to the success of Finnish basic education.

When commenting on the Finnish basic education, Professor Harri Melin, Vice-rector of the University of Tampere, said, “There is no miracle, but hard work.” In his opinion, Finnish educators’ professionalism is the fundamental reason for the remarkable achievements by the Finnish basic education.

Professor Nanxing Zhang from National Institute of Educational Sciences agreed with Professor Melin that the high quality teacher training was the foundation of the success of basic education. She added, “We have very good reasons to strengthen the normal education or teacher education. After all, education quality relies on the teaching quality and level of teachers.”

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