Finnish way of learning has charmed the Chinese teachers over

Photographer: Ulla Virtanen
Anni teacher with her Chinese class

In May 2016, TAKK English teacher Ms. Anni Niva was invited by Huashang Education Group to train a group of language teacher on the Finnish way of learning English language. And the results and feedbacks were very encouraging.

That group of young talented English teachers gradually stepped out of their usual way of teaching, learning and thinking, with an open mind, hugged the Finnish joyful learning method, which has all the good characteristics identified by the Chinese teachers: calm, patient, encouraging, motivating, inspiring, interactive, student-centered, teacher as facilitator etc.

“I was impressed by the versatile tasks you have let us experience…” one young enthusiastic teacher commented. The Finnish way of learning is really eye-opening experience for them. It actually has subverted their earlier concept of teachers’ role in the class. For centuries in China, teacher has been a central, authoritative and strict figure in the classroom teaching. “One way that impresses me a lot is that Finnish teachers advocate individuality and innovativeness of students…” another teacher complimented sincerely “The Finnish teachers are guiders in the class instead of masters, so you find the students more free and relaxed, not only in the class style, more importantly in students’ mind…”

After the training, all the teachers have expressed their gratitude as well as their eagerness to apply what they have learnt into their own teaching in the future. Furthermore, all the learners have been happy and joyful throughout the training, which is the ultimate goal of the Finnish way of teaching.