Tailor-made environmental courses

Tailor-made environmental courses

Tampere offers environmental education with many themes for different target groups. These tailored courses provided by TAKK and TAMK below are designed for your specific needs and interests.

TAKK offers the following four training programs:

  1. The ENVIRONMENTAL RISK MANAGEMENT TRAINING: learn how to make effective environmental risk surveys and programs.Environmental Risks English.pdf
  2. The RESOURCE EFFICIENCY TRAINING PROGRAMME: give knowledge, tools and skills how to manage resources and to motivate organizations taking the resource issues in control.Resource Efficiency English.pdf
  3. The SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT TRAINING PROGRAMME: learn how to make effective sustainable development surveys and programs.Sustainable Development English.pdf
  4. The WMP EXPERT TRAINING PROGRAMME: learn how waste management can bring you savings.Waste Management English.pdf

TAMK offers the following three summer camps:

  1. Monitoring and Measurements in the Environment – Camp for Engineers: Good sampling practices ensure high quality data for managing your environmental projects.Summercamp_bocures _forrest.pdf
  2. From Waste to Resource – Camp for Engineers: the circular economy and material efficiency work as the signposts during the waste management and engineering camp.Summercamp_bocures _waste.pdf
  3. Clean Water for Life – Camp for Engineers: safe and high quality drinking water can be guaranteed by the concept of ecosystem services, safe and sustainable sanitation, and appropriate technologies.Summercamp_bocures _water.pdf